Adult daughter, Ekaterina Andreeva took over her sister

Взрослую дочь Екатерины Андреевой приняли за ее сестру 34-year-old Natalia acknowledged copy of the presenter. Ekaterina Andreeva has shared pictures from her dressing room, where her and her heir to do makeup. Fans were surprised that she and her famous mother resemble each other like two drops of water.

      TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva became an active user of social networks. However, a small amount of time her microblog gathered more than a hundred thousand subscribers. Leading news on the First channel will tell you with pleasure about his adventures. Andreeva travels a lot, and therefore indulges followers bright shots from different parts of the world.

      Also Catherine shares photos of everyday life. Recently, she showed footage from the dressing room. At a time when she was doing makeup, she decided to get the phone and take video of everything that happens. The services of a make-up artist used her daughter Natalia. The girl is not so often flashes in the tape of his mother, but because the fans were very surprised when they saw the heiress of the presenter. While shooting Catherine started an interesting dialogue. She asked her daughter if she considers herself a good girl or beauty. 34-year-old Natalia responded first that combines these two qualities, however, when the mother was asked to choose one or the other, she stood on intelligence. Andreev was satisfied with the decision of the heiress and was glad that he gave her proper upbringing. Ekaterina Andreeva has told how the daughter had taken her second husband

      “My accomplice, my copy doesn’t look at the same time, my friend, my critic, my…and it’s completely free. I always know children are not our property. To respect them is to respect yourself!” – wrote in the microblog TV presenter.

      Fans were happy that between mother and child there is a strong connection. But most of all they were struck by the fact that Catherine and Natalia are incredibly similar to each other. Many admire that 55-year-old TV presenter looks so young and constantly ask her beauty secret. Because the video celebrity alternates their shots with shooting daughter and some followers are unable to distinguish from the first sight who is who.

      “What a happiness to have a daughter-beautiful and clever, friend and adviser! I know for myself, Truth of how two sisters, very similar,” “the Daughter is very similar to you! Beautiful, handsome”, “Beauty! Natasha is a beautiful girl! Well, you probably already tired of the compliments, Yes, friends with kids is a great joy, but only sincere, because they feel any falsehood!” – talked fans.