На звездном показе мод от Татьяны Михалковой случился аншлаг

The gallery of arts Zurab Tsereteli could hardly accommodate all those wishing to see a jubilee contest of designers “Russian silhouette”.

The design competition was one of the good traditions of the Moscow film festival. It is hard to imagine the festival without a red carpet, big competitions, movie nights… And without the “Russian silhouette”!

This Monday in the gallery of arts Zurab Tsereteli was held the 20th jubilee fashion show.

The participants (young designers-finalists according to the results of the qualifying rounds – approx.ed), in the halls of the gallery wandered a lot of stars. For example, the show came to the singer Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigogine, actress Marina Orlova, Elena Kondulaynen, Marina and Valentin Yudashkin and Galina Yudashkin with her husband Peter Maklakovym…

However, Yudashkin on the show appeared for a reason. After all, the fashion show of their fashion House and became the “pearl of the evening”. Moreover, it was special.

“Today I saw the collections of our Fashion House 15 years ago. Again, all back in fashion”, – shared his impressions from the show of the Pope Galina Yudashkin…

Valery also prepared a “gift”… And in conclusion of the evening began to sing right on the podium!

And all would be well, only wanting at least one eye to look at the collection Haute couture turned out to be so much that the hall of the gallery with the work of all comers. The organizers even had to ask journalists to step aside so celebrity guests could get to the gym.

We will remind, competition of young designers “Russian silhouette” in the framework of the Moscow film festival is held for the 20th time! The festival opens in the Russian capital – in the 38th. This year in the competition program there were 13 films. Title-the winner will be announced this Thursday at the closing ceremony, which will take place in the theater “Russia”.

Video posted by Iosif Prigozhin (@prigozhin_iosif) Jun 27 2016 10:15 PDT

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