Салон «Линзмастер» вернулся в центр Москвы

Famous optics has resumed near the Kremlin. Equipped in the doctor’s office, you can check vision, and in the trading room to choose a pair of designer sunglasses.

Who would argue with the fact that glasses is one of the most important accessories for women and men. Regardless of whether you need a pair of sunglasses or glasses with optical lenses, to treat it with the utmost responsibility, because we are talking about the health of the eye, and at the same time and striking appearance. The form of the rim, materials, as glass or plastic, the colours of the detail can not be.

In 1998, on Nikolskaya street, in the heart of Moscow, began work salon “Lensmaster”, changed the view of people about the services in opticians. Here customers can get a full range of services: professional consultation of the doctor appointed Cabinet, to pick the perfect pair of lenses and order glasses. It is not surprising that the interior was used by the inhabitants of the capital of great popularity. Then the company began a big change, and salon on St. Nicholas was closed. During this time, “linzmaster” joined GarndVision international holding B. V., represented in 43 countries. Now, under a recognizable brand operate 100 stores in 11 big cities of our country.

The other day, “linzmaster” returned to its original place and once again opened its doors on Nikolskaya street. A huge role in the restoration of the former “residence” played by the General Director of the company “Lensmaster” Guillaume Brave and marketing Director Maria Khlebodarova. As before, today you can check your vision, choose glasses with fashionable frames and order them. Features a salon that price is always based on frames, basic lenses and workmanship. Note that the salon officially represents such global brands like Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Ray-Ban, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Burberry, Versace, Fendi, Tiffany & Co, Tom Ford, Tag Heuer and many others. Also buyers can buy exclusive eyewear brands Fuzion, Enzzo, Heritage, Sensaya, Julius, which supply exclusively in the salons of the holding GarndVision. The convenient location of the flagship store allows you to combine shopping with a nice walk around the city.

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