Mariah Carey came to the party in nothing but stockings

Мэрайя Кэри пришла на вечеринку в одних чулках

The singer appeared in one of night clubs of Las Vegas is practically in their underwear.

Mariah Carey makes fashion fails almost once a week: it seems the lack of taste can not compensate for even a presence in her life-paid stylist. This time the singer has outdone himself, appearing in public without a skirt.

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The star was the guest of a party at a nightclub in Las Vegas, but managed to shock almost everyone present. The choice fell on Cary very trivial outfit, consisting of leather jackets, stockings and ankle boots by Christian Louboutin. Moreover, the star did not think to throw on top of all this splendor skirt, her fishnet stockings wearing directly on top of corporal pantyhose! More of a fashion nightmare, it seems, and difficult to imagine!

While Mariah Carey wasn’t shy about his negligee and with pleasure posed for photographers.

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