В Сети появился пикантный снимок 51-летней супруги Игоря Крутого
Daughter of the famous composer showed a photo from a holiday in Saint-Tropez.

Figure 51-the summer spouse of Igor Krutoy Olga was in the spotlight. The picture in which she appeared clad in a tiny bikini, were published by the daughter of the famous composer — Victoria. The photo was taken in Saint-Tropez, where the star family for a few days celebrating the birthday of the famous composer.

Olga received a lot of compliments in his address. Many thought that she managed to overshadow even their daughters: Victoria and Alexander, who also got on the family vacation. Members noted that Olga looks young beyond his years and is the owner of a stunning figure.

By the way, Igor and Olga are one of the strongest unions in the domestic show-business. The couple have been together for about 20 years. Olga met her future husband at a party after his concert. Since then, they have managed to receive the daughter of Alexander, which is a complete copy of his famous dad. Cool admits that even a long separation (Igor most of the time working in Moscow, and Olga live in America) do not spoil their relationship, but rather make them even stronger.

Incidentally, the wife of Igor Krutoy not the only one who this summer decided to organize a competition with the younger generation. Their figures have already boast of Alena Apina, Alena Sviridova, Irina Saltykova, Alika Smekhova, and many others.

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