Дрю Бэрримор развелась в рекордно короткие сроки
Family life actress, failed for the third time.

Дрю Бэрримор развелась в рекордно короткие сроки

Drew Barrymore and will Kopelman

Photo: Splash News/East news

This year
Drew Barrymore never ceases to amaze fans with his swiftness
action. In April, Barrymore for the first time hinted that her family
life has a problem and she decided to temporarily live apart from her husband will Kopelman.
In July, drew has announced that it has decided to terminate the marriage. And yesterday it became known,
the actress has already completed your divorce!

In total, the divorce only took three weeks, becoming one of the fastest terminations
marriage in Hollywood history. High-speed divorce was possible, as both parties announced they were not going to argue over division of property,
or even a custody of daughters — 4-year-old olive and
three year old Frankie.

The main reason for the disintegration of the family friends of the couple believe that drew was unable to adapt to the family
life. The actress herself has repeatedly said that has not received proper
parenting: parents were always busy with their own problems, besides, drew started acting in movies since 5 years, so all of her childhood was spent in
the set…

The actress also frankly admitted that he was not madly in love with her husband. “Will and I just felt very comfortable. He was always available when I’m in it
needed and behaved impeccably. Besides, it seemed to me that he has
undisputed plan — how to build a family…”

Kopelman and Barrymore played
the wedding in 2012, after a very short four month period
courtship. Alas, four years later, drew decided that once again failed in an attempt to find
happiness in family life. Divorce
Kopelman was for drew to third. To will the actress had been married first, the bartender Jeremy Thomas, with whom I broke up two months later, and later — for the actor Tom green, and it lasted for six months. A third marriage, by the standards of Barrymore existed, it is possible to say, record time.

Drew Barrymore

Photo: Splash News/East news

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