Анастасия Денисова села на жесткую диету
The actress is planning to change to autumn.

Anastasia Denisova

Photo: @anastasiyadenisovafilm Instagram Anastasia Denisova

Anastasia Denisova spoke about his excess weight. As it turned out, the actress had about eight “unnecessary” weight, from which wants to get rid of. She told their fans in the microblog.

“I have decided how I look and how I weigh only my desire or need role! I learned to accept and love themselves different. I’m bored of constantly losing weight and dieting, allow you to gain a few pounds and enjoy the delicious and unhealthy food. But all tend to follow, without fanaticism in any situation! Want to lose weight, don’t lose weight! I’m not encouraged, it’s just my choice. And now I have a new interesting stage of life in which a few extra pounds in the way! Goal by mid-September minus 6-8 kg. And it will be!” Anastasia wrote.

It seems that from the on-screen image Denisova in the TV series “Deffchonki”, by which she became famous, will not soon be over. By the way, in order to grow into the role of Palni, the actress had before filming especially the seriously gaining weight. Producers changes in the figure of Anastasia was pleased, but she is not. Therefore, usnavso in a few seasons, she’s obsessed with losing weight and achieved amazing results: minus 15 pounds in a month and a half. Probably, and this time the efforts of Anastasia will not be in vain and in September the actress will show a transformed figure.

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