In the name of life: he launched a campaign against breast cancer held by Estée Lauder

Во имя жизни: стартовала кампания против рака груди, проводимая Estée Lauder

October declared as world month fight against breast cancer. To the charitable mission Estée Lauder will be joined by celebrities and cosmetic brands company.

Few people know, but the famous pink ribbon is an international symbol of the fight against breast cancer – was created by Evelyn Lauder, daughter-in-law of the founder of cosmetics Empire Estée Lauder estée Lauder. Moreover, it has established a Foundation for breast cancer research. Why? It’s hard to believe, but a quarter of all women diagnosed with cancer suffer from breast cancer, while using timely prevention you can protect yourself from serious consequences. At the time, this fact shook Evelyn Lauder, and she decided to fight the disease forces the family company. William Lauder, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Estée Lauder and son of Evelyn Lauder, supports the charitable initiatives of the brand: “Every year our employees, consumers and partners all over the world come together to raise the level of awareness of breast cancer and to inspire people to purposeful action in the fight against this disease”.

For the past two decades, a legendary company conducts promotional activities on severe disease in more than 70 countries around the world, urging women to be screened and take care of your health, and raises funds to research cancer. This year was no exception, and we declared Estée Lauder world month fight against breast cancer. This year bloggers, journalists, fitness gurus, medical experts and celebrities will share their stories, experiences and tips on the website and in social networks. “I firmly believe that our strength is in unity. Working together, we can defeat this terrible disease faced by so many people,” says well-known British actress Elizabeth Hurley, global Ambassador of the campaign against breast cancer.

Fans of premium cosmetics can also support the initiative: brands Corporation, Estée Lauder (including Clinique, La Mer, Darphin and many others) will present their products with a pink ribbon – all proceeds from sale will be donated to Fund breast cancer research and local charities. In addition, you can join the community campaign @BCAcampaign or to tell their story, marking it with the hashtag #BCAstrength.