Lera Kudryavtseva for the first time called your real age

Лера Кудрявцева впервые назвала свой настоящий возраст

Before the presenter asked not to specify in the interview how old she is, and the data on the Internet strongly disagreed. And in a recent interview with “Antenna” suddenly called your real age.

Do women ask the age of indecent. It is known to all. But in our time, when every star in the Internet opened a Wikipedia page with the specified exact date of birth, and these the limits of decency was obliterated. And in a magazine interview is rarely complete a conversation without mentioning the lived experience.

However, Lera Kudryavtseva has always been the exception. Even speaking of age, she never really said how old she really is. Because of this, the Internet began to walk rumors, they say, she is probably under 50, maybe, on the contrary, less than 40, and she’s afraid to look older? In General, it was not clear who to believe, because in appearance the presenter age is simply impossible to determine – it does not age and does not change decades!

And in a recent interview with “Antenna” Leroy finally revealed her most closely guarded secret. For the first time the presenter has left in the text a number for her age. Although before the approval of the text is always deleted these updates.

“In may, I turned 45 years old – admitted Kudryavtseva. — Although this date is not celebrated. He first led the event by Alexei Yagudin in Sochi, and then flew to Moscow, my husband and I had dinner and went to bed. Didn’t want to celebrate. And it’s not aged. I don’t care about the numbers in the passport. This is for the strangers has a value, my friends know I’m satisfied”.

The fact of the matter is that it is strange to hide your age when you look 10 years younger. Lera Kudryavtseva can give odds even year-old girls: she has a wonderful figure, no excess weight, face without wrinkles, and it’s all given to her by nature, as the presenter, according to her, even to the beauticians do not go!

“I am often asked how I manage to look like, what kind of sport helps me, what kind of diet to adhere to. Happy to be told about their works and deeds, but they are not. Never dieted, don’t go to the gym. I’m so lazy person, even to the beautician, do not go. The only thing missing, massages. And that is because of the sore back – I have a hernia in the spine, without them I just hard – said Lera “Antenna”. — Of course, at home I have are good creams, masochki, but I was lost for hours in the Spa – this is not. I think it’s a waste of time. Maybe later change my mind, the more I understand that it is time to start a deal. But I belong to the category of people who postponed the matter to Monday. And it does not occur for many years. Just ate four khinkali. At night daily allow sweet, and in the morning ask myself: why? I promise not to do it. But that evening all over again. For my figure should be thanking the parents. Mom’s over 70 and she’s from the Soviet era has not changed in size. Although as a child my sister was raised so that in any case it is impossible to leave food on your plate or throw away bread. To the products have been reverent attitude, but the cult of food in the family was absent”.