How to cure a cough quickly?

Как вылечить кашель быстро?

New SOS means help out in flu season and your kids will love.

Autumn is not a reason to stay at home and indulge in walks. In the deserted parks rustles underfoot leafless foliage, and colorful trees create a great backdrop for family photo shoots. However, to disrupt all the plans can sudden colds: I believe that capricious weather and dress easily as a fly wind and draughty. Note that seasonal respiratory problems especially vulnerable children – they are and strive to remove the “extra” clothes and managed to get his feet wet even in wellies. To cough not cause anxiety and certainly not passed into the chronic form, to treat it from the onset of the first symptoms. Barely faced with a hard wet cough, you should use a reliable drug-mucolitic, contributes to liquefaction and expectoration of mucus.

Sandoz, represents a means of “ATT®” in Russia recently presented a new form of a known medicine – cough syrup ACC® with a pleasant cherry flavor for children from two years and adults. As before, the drug provides quick effect sputum discharge due to the fact that its active ingredient – acetylcysteine – has a triple action: mucolytic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is important that take cough syrup ACC® with viral and bacterial infections, and combined with a course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. By the way, the syrup contains sorbitol, sugars and dyes, so their taste will not go to the detriment of health. An impressive amount of packing 200 ml to pass the course for the whole family, which is especially important in flu season. Make sure there proven tools in the home medicine Cabinet to start treatment without delay and on time to protect yourself from coughing loved ones.