In the house Chris brown raped a girl

В доме Криса Брауна изнасиловали девушку

29-year-old singer Chris brown raised a hand to his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and now goes on trial for the brutal rape of a girl in his home.

В доме Криса Брауна изнасиловали девушку

The brown of rape is not blamed: the only “allowed” to abuse the girl, whose name was not called in the interests of the investigation. The incident occurred in February last year, when after the concert, brown’s victim went to the after party, the singer in the Studio, and soon to his home. In the abode of the contractor to create a real mess: alcohol, drugs, and even weapons. Himself Chris lured the girl into a room where were already friends of his, and blocked the exit of the sofa. The victim cried and asked to release it, but brown wasn’t swayed by the pleas and assistance.

First, a friend of brown forced the girl to engage in oral sex with a fellow rapper, musician and producer Lowell Grissom and I, who also were in court, also known under the alias Young Lo, and then with her. The girl managed to get out of the room, but when she ran to the bathroom to wash the blood from the face, where it caught up with Lowell, where he raped the girl twice.

В доме Криса Брауна изнасиловали девушку
Now the police is investigating the claim, which has been described details of the crime. Transferred him to a court in Los Angeles. That day the police came to the house of the performer that opened the door. Police were called to the victim’s mother, who tracked the whereabouts of the daughter on the phone and sounded the alarm. According to the victim, because the phone she was in the house of brown: they took her device back in the Studio and in the house of the singer, she went to pick him up.

The victim’s lawyer reported that the case is not simple, and warns brown of lengthy court hardships. With the musician who made the iniquity of his house, demand moral compensation in the amount of $ 17 million. The victim to court and demanded that the brown this amount. If he paid the girl, then escaped to the court. The musician’s representatives deny the allegations, “Chris didn’t do anything. At other times, like just call it blackmail,” said attorney brown.

In 2016, police received a call from some woman who claimed that the popular singer had threatened her with firearms. Arrived on call guards really found in the singer’s home a gun, “other weapons” and “drugs”. Also, do not rush to open the door to police Chris brown managed to throw out the window duffel bag.

The journalists TMZ responded to the call about 3 o’clock in the morning. The unknown woman was screaming into the phone that Chris brown threatened to kill her and threatened her with a gun. After a few minutes, the authorities were already at the house of the artist.
According to police, the singer threw the bag out the window and shouted to the police, so they up and took it. As was later learned from insiders, in a bag thrown by brown were also drugs.