Vlad Sokolovsky gave Rita Dakota second honeymoon

Влад Соколовский подарил Рите Дакоте второй медовый месяц
The musician gave his beloved wife a romantic surprise.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky, which are
passionate and desperate travelers, did not long remain in Moscow, returning
from a long vacation in Bali. Leaving with grandparents daughter MIA, musicians
went to rest in Greece. “We found ourselves albeit small, but a piece of
may holidays!” — happy Rita.

On the first day of the holiday Dakota got a Grand surprise.

“My husband took me for a few days in the hotel, where
we were on our honeymoon. Well for such a romantic!” — says the happy singer.

Before the trip she told me that during
a few weeks taught Vlad to easy healthy diet, which in
Greece, of course, have to refuse the vacation lovers plan
to arrange a holiday belly. Sokolowski has never hidden that he’s a real
the glutton, and the next week he will “break away” in full!