Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel was born the son

У Миранды Керр и Эвана Шпигеля родился сын

In a hospital in Los Angeles may 7 at 23:53 local time, 35-year-old Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr and 27-year-old founder of SnapChat Evan Spiegel son was born! The boy was named in honor of his grandfather Evan Spiegel — HART.

“It’s impossible for words to describe how happy we are! Miranda feels good, but Flynn is very happy that he became a big brother. Thank you all for the congratulations and kind words this is a special time for us”, — has shared joyful news celebrity couple by People magazine.

Baby Flynn, who is already with Kerr from his previous marriage with Orlando bloom, been waiting for a little brother or sister. “Flynn is very excited about this event. When Evan and I met, he kept bugging us asking when he will have a brother or a sister. And we answered him that the first to get married. And here’s the morning after the wedding he writes to us and asks: “Mommy, well, the child is already in your stomach?” — said Miranda in one of his interviews.

Pregnant Kerr learned last fall, and even before I did the test: “I suddenly started to choke at the beginning of the run. This is the first sign,” says the star.

Evan still had no children, and after learning about his wife’s pregnancy he was happy. By the way, happy married couple predicted the future when they meet you.

“We met at a business lunch, we had mutual friends so he was sitting next to me at the table. Even then I thought he was very cute. And one woman next to me, Glenda Bailey, why suddenly said to me: “Sure, you two get married.” At the end of the evening we exchanged phone numbers, but only because both have recently bought a property in Los Angeles and wanted to discuss it,” recalls Miranda.

Now the couple live in the house Evan — there has passed and their small wedding, which was attended by only 40 of their close friends and relatives. Married Miranda was in Dior dress, which for her personally was working the head of the House Maria Grazia chiuri. Wedding pictures later appeared in American Vogue.

Recall that the wedding of the model and the businessman took place on may 27. For Miranda it was a second marriage. Former husband and father of her son Finn is a Hollywood actor, star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” Orlando bloom.