In Moscow passes farewell to Dmitri Hvorostovsky

В Москве проходит прощание с Дмитрием Хворостовским Thousands of people came to the concert hall to accompany the artist on his last journey. On Saturday evening the body of Hvorostovsky brought from London to Moscow. By the will of the artist, he’ll be cremated and the ashes will be buried in the capital and in his native Krasnoyarsk.
В Москве проходит прощание с Дмитрием Хворостовским

November 22, became world-famous Opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky. He died early morning in London. One of the first tragic news was announced by Dmitry Malikov. However, later the singer regretted that spread information – but this was to state the relatives of the artist.

Today in the concert hall of the Tchaikovsky is a farewell to Hvorostovsky. At the entrance to the building, gathered numerous fans who came to say goodbye to him. They are not holding back the tears, laying flowers. In a hall songs artist, several thousand people sitting in the amphitheater and laid flowers to the coffin.

As it became known, the star of the Opera wanted to have his body cremated and the ashes were buried in natural cities – Krasnoyarsk, where he was born, and in Moscow.

More than two years now Dmitri Hvorostovsky has struggled with a brain tumor. Starting in 2015, due to cancer, the artist was forced to adjust the schedule of performances on stage.

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“Dmitry Alexandrovich was for many years an idol for me, an ideal and standard a real, great artist. I grew up on his songs and concerts. Dreaming of someday sing with him, because she is studying Opera performance. This is a huge loss for me and for the whole country. It is impossible to hold back the tears. Came here specially in the morning, so at least from a distance, but to stay close, to hear his voice in the recording, last farewell,” – said “StarHit” fan of Hvorostovsky, 20-year-old Maria.
В Москве проходит прощание с Дмитрием Хворостовским

The widow of Florence Hvorostovsky is very worried – she doesn’t hold back his tears and hugging loved ones, who went to the grave. Parents are Opera singers, Alexander Stepanovich and Lyudmila Petrovna, also appeared in the hall. Joseph Kobzon, Lev Leshchenko, Igor Krutoy, Gennady Zyuganov, Pavel Astakhov came to support the family of Dmitry Alexandrovich and give them words of encouragement.

On parting, the widow has again focused attention on the fact that their family donations are not needed – money is better to refer those in need to the cancer center.

В Москве проходит прощание с Дмитрием Хворостовским

Among those who came to say goodbye to Hvorostovsky, steel Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev has conveyed words of condolences to his family. Joseph Kobzon said trogatelnoy it.

“He impressed us with their optimism. I was not, unfortunately, a close friend of Dmitry, but I noticed that coming to the gym, mostly smaller brothers, so he was amazed by the talent. The frightened stars and musical theater Stanislavsky came to the farewell. He was afraid, I rather see a funeral on TV. And in vain, because the people who truly loved sitting in the audience – orphaned Steep, Meladze, Elisha,” said Joseph Davidovich.

Lev Leshchenko also took a parting word. “He burned, he burned himself on stage. He was a caring human being. He did tremendous charity work, helped people who needed help, worked a lot with children. We were all witnesses of his great concerts in the Kremlin. He was a remarkably noble man. This generosity said that we, the Russian people want dialogue with the world. He glorified our country at all stages of the world. We admired them, we were happy and enjoying his amazing art. In this hall today a huge amount of fans, parents, relatives. Today Dima, sorry for the comparison again attracted a capacity crowd in the hall. The only consolation is that his voice will still be heard in our heart, in our soul. The bright memory of him. May he rest in peace,” said the singer.

According to obyazannostei the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS, Hvorostovsky will install the monument.

“In coordination with his family on the embankment of the Yenisei river will create a memorial Hvorostovsky. In addition, the issue of the number of renaming in the city. We want to give the name Hvorostovsky Institute of arts, where he studied Opera and ballet theater or Large concert hall, where Dmitry Aleksandrovich gave his last concert in June of this year. Its manifestation of courage, fortitude and strength, the team applauded standing. But these questions, like place of burial, will decide later in a few months. Meanwhile, the parents of Hvorostovsky are in serious condition and are unable to do it,” – said the representative of the government.