How much it costs to sing with Dima Bilan, Buzova and Kirkorov

Сколько стоит спеть с Биланом, Бузовой и Киркоровым The organizers of the award Rudkovskaya sell the duet with Dima Bilan and Buzova for €50 thousand. According to the representative of the Academy, if a parent wants to see a child leading to one of the branches of “kids’ ten with Yana Rudkovskaya”, he will have to make a considerable amount of funds.
Сколько стоит спеть с Биланом, Бузовой и Киркоровым

To make the child a star, having a finances, now is quite simple. You can give it to one of the schools celebrities, which abound in the capital, and wait for the results. But the staff of the “Academy of cinema and show-business S. T. A. R. S.” offer a more rapid way. In GTSKZ “Russia” on December 6 they with Yana Rudkovskaya and the TV channel “MUZ-TV” organize baby award “Kinder MUZ Awards”. And a month before the event started a real telephone attack on the wealthy parents of potential young artists. Rooms are ready to pay any money for the promotion of Chad they take in the databases of schools stars.

“We propose to act with Dima Bilan on premiums for €50 thousand, – says Maria on the phone claiming to be a fellow of the Academy. – This amount includes shooting, editing clip, its annual rotation on “MUZ-TV” in the framework of the program “kids’ ten with Yana Rudkovskaya”, as well as an automatic hit in the nomination “the Best duet of the year” award in 2018. Also over 50 – these options with Kirkorov.
Сколько стоит спеть с Биланом, Бузовой и Киркоровым

But if you want the child became with him leading in one compartment, plus €30 thousand. The Duo with Olga Buzova, which has 10 million subscribers in Instagram, or with Nikolai Baskov – 4 million roubles or €57 thousand. The anniversary ceremony will be gorgeous! It seems like this is one duet with Kirkorov are already sold. Parents willing to fork out, the organizers invite children to the office on the passage of the casting. Then start the rehearsal.”