Tatiana Navka publicly apologized to Tarasova

Татьяна Навка публично извинилась перед Тарасовой The skater forgot to invite famous coach to his wedding. Tatiana Navka still can’t forgive herself for an unfortunate oversight. According to the Olympic champion, it is only during the celebration realized what a rash act was committed.
Татьяна Навка публично извинилась перед Тарасовой

Honored trainer of the USSR Tatiana Tarasova, who trained one Olympic figure skating champion, has become the main character of the Saturday program “Tonight.”

It was about a large and complex life of Tatiana Tarasova, the success of her students and their personal lives. Famous coach was often witness relationships of athletes, and then became a witness at their weddings.

Talking about the wedding of figure skaters Tatyana Tarasova with bitterness noticed that one of the weddings it is not called. It was about the celebration of Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov, which was held in August 2015.

“Tanya, I barely forgave, – said Tarasov. – Forget it. But nothing. This year I myself forgot five people to invite to your birthday.”
Татьяна Навка публично извинилась перед Тарасовой

Olympic champion Tatiana Navka, who was present in the Studio program, explained the arising awkward situation mistake his assistants, engaged in the organization of the celebration.

Татьяна Навка публично извинилась перед Тарасовой“I relied on assistants, – said the skater. – It is clear that I was not before. There is also “Carmen” rolls, and a whole bunch. I was at a wedding I realized what a rash act was committed. Tatiana was terribly offended. I tearfully asked her forgiveness. I even imagine what the toast she would have said at my wedding. And I lost it”.

Tatiana Tarasova immediately gave all to understand that she had long forgave Navka before which always bowed as before an outstanding athlete. During “Tonight” Tatiana admitted that loves a talent. “I think I’m at the wedding didn’t really fit, with a certain degree of self-irony said the honored coach. – I have long zhvanetski said, “in the summer You can’t wear that.” Nothing, for a decade of wedding invites, or when the next time will be to get married, call.”

Tatiana Navka immediately responded to the joke Tarasova, saying that this wedding was the last in her life.

“No! I’m more married is not going to go laughed the skater. – But when my older daughter’s wedding, it is sure to invite!”