In Istanbul, a monument of a stray cat

В Стамбуле поставили памятник бродячему коту

Meowing in bronze is a replica of the tramp was Tombile who could sit for hours.

Anyone who has ever been to Turkey, I noticed how much in this warm country Mauk fluffy. They stately move along the streets, sunning themselves on the squares and the Lord of all the garbage cans. And belong to the tailed people with special respect. Get rid of or, worse, kick leg and thought no one!

But because of Istanbul in the district Severely and appeared fluffy bum who loved to sit for hours, leaning a paw on the curb… the cat-philosopher quickly turned into an Internet meme. And when the cat was not, the place of his “get-togethers” with a monument.

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However, it should be noted that the monument also happened the whole story. His installation took almost 17 thousand people so that in the end, even the mayor gave in and ordered a well-known sculptor Sevalo Shahin.

And that responsibility fell rather big! Because the inhabitants hoped to see an exact copy of fluffy… And when the monument was ready, no pedestal is not required. Bronze cat planted right on the pavement of the road.

This same cat was not on 1 August. Notoriety “mouse catcher” found through the website of 9GAG, spreading his photo in such an unusual position. By the way, his nickname was Tombile also highly symbolic. In Turkish it means “Fat”. The nature of the cat was the king. Communicate with people not fluffy looking. On the contrary, people were very cool. More mauku was tempted to sit on the sidelines, watching the hustle and bustle of the universe.

Will be in Istanbul – take a walk through the streets Güleç Street in district Ziverbey. Bronze cat selfie you won’t be happy, but the process will suffer!