Halle berry is ashamed of his children

Холли Берри стыдится своих детей

Halle berry is ashamed of his children. This conclusion did some of the followers of the actress on Instagram after she posted a new picture.

The photo shows two treasures “cat-Woman” — 8-year-old Cash and 3-year-old Maceo. The photo is quite unusual: the children’s faces we can not see, we see only their smiles.

Some subscribers Berri said that in his microblog she never showed the faces of the children, it follows that she is shy.

Such a completely stupid and baseless conclusions, Holly decided to break in the Bud and replied to followers.

“I noticed that you talked about this several times already, so now I would like to clarify this point, wrote Holly. – I’m not ashamed of my children. I’m trying to find ways to make them part of my tape in the social network, because they are a big part of my life. I work very hard to still leave them personal space, because they realize that they are still children.”

Holly said that she wants her children had a right to privacy and took decision about whether they want to be part of social media.

“When they grow up and want to share some pictures on the Internet, they can do it on their own initiative. this will decide not me. Do you understand me? Have a good day,” concluded Holly.