Thinner Dina Garipova became unrecognizable

Похудевшая Дина Гарипова стала неузнаваемой
Singer “melts” in the eyes of fans.

Dina Garipova

Photo: @Instagram dinagaripova Dina Garipova

Dina Garipova, who had lost some time ago, at eight pounds, continues to lose weight. The singer recently posted a photo where her fans barely recognized his idol. The figure of Dina, which was not the most modest form, now could pass for a model. Subscribers singer literally inundated her with questions about how she managed to achieve such an elegant waist and a flat stomach.

In addition to changing shapes, the fans did not leave without attention the fact that Garipova changed his style to be more fatal. Catchy makeup, coupled with the changing shape did Dean almost unrecognizable.

By the way, in summer, the winner of the show “the Voice” suspected pregnancy. Fault become things casual, which Garipova favored last season. Recall that a year ago Dean was married. The name of your chosen star will not disclose, but it is known that the young man is not related to show business. Honeymoon the couple spent in Cuba. By the way, in one interview Garipova admitted that her husband fully supports her in her quest to lose weight. Moreover, the husband together with her sports and watching the diet.