В Сети обсуждают третью беременность Ксюши Бородиной Fans noticed how things have changed looks of a movie star. Internet users believe that Ksenia is waiting for a third child. The reason for the conversations became fresh photos Borodina.

On international women’s day leading TV project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina celebrated the anniversary – 35th birthday. She spent it in the company of family and friends. TV star moved to Milan with her husband and friends, taking gifts, walking, said. 10 million subscribers Xenia in Instagram followed every step the stars, the birthday girl did not skimp on photos and videos and told in detail about how her day was.

Ksenia Borodina celebrated the anniversary in Milan

Ksenia appeared in front of guests at your party in a tight white sheath. Fans of Borodin congratulated, wished good luck and prosperity, and in addition, noted that in some pictures you can see Kim’s noticeably rounded tummy.

“Ksenia, congratulations on the pregnancy… the Term has seen more”, “About the pregnancy asked? Painfully obviously the belly stands”, “are you Pregnant? Tummy is so rounded,” wrote the followers of Xenia.

However, other Internet users vspomnili recent live coverage of the stars from the gym. They mneia, “rounded tummy” – it’s just the folds of the dress in an unsuccessful foreshortening. The TV presenter has left a question mark comments with no response.

Life Borodina really on everyone’s mind, she is one of the most popular programs on TV active on Instagram. However, Xenia is not too Frank with the public and often hide some facts of his personal life.

So, for example, about her second pregnancy in 2015 she spoke publicly in November, a month and a half before the birth. While fans back in the spring of that year expressed their suspicions about the interesting position of a celebrity. But Borodin remained silent to the last.

We will remind that Xenia now has two children. The oldest daughter Mary, she gave birth to in 2009 while married to businessman Yuri Budagov. Junior Thea was born 22 December 2015, 5.5 months after the wedding with the entrepreneur Kurban Omarov.