Глафиру Тарханову не пустили в самолет An unpleasant situation came the star of the TV series on the international women’s day. The actress got stuck in Ulyanovsk – she had not been allowed to Board the plane. What Glafira Tarhanova got such an unexpected “gift”, she told in Instagram.

Actress “Satyricon”, the star of the show of channel TNT “Treason” Glafira Tarhanova in the international women’s day were in an unpleasant situation – a woman is not allowed to Board the plane. No, she missed the flight she was all right with paid tickets. 34-year-old actress, a mother of four children, insulted employees of the airline that could be the cause of denial of boarding, not satisfied with drunken fights, like some celebrities, did not show complaints about the service.

The passenger Glafira Tarkhanov was not registered on the flight from Ulyanovsk to technical reasons. Airline program has hung, and the actress had just wave after the plane. The incident is reported to your subscribers in Instagram.

“One was allowed on the plane – that’s us! March 8 – a holiday! Yay! Happy holiday to all! The confusion in the tickets Ulyanovsk… not letting go… But don’t worry: for the play in Krasnogorsk soon, I hope, to return. The rest flew away, they managed to cram. When you submit your passport first, there is likely to be a bunch of passports at the bottom, the system is hung…!” – shared Glafira.

Fans have supported her in a difficult situation, congratulated and was very surprised that in this age of rapid technological development, it happens.

Incidentally, this is not the first case when law-abiding Glafira Tarkhanov is not allowed on the flight. In the summer of 2017, the pregnant actress tried to Board a plane from Greece back to Moscow. Tarkhanov on the flight is not allowed, she later flew another airline. Most likely, the actress was in an advanced state of pregnancy, and in this position, not every airline runs the risk of taking a passenger on Board.

Pregnant Glafira Tarhanova ended up in a scandal at the airport

We will remind, Glafira gave birth to their fourth child two months after the incident. Have Threeway and her husband, the actor of the Maly theatre of Alexey Fadeev four children and all boys. The elder, Corneille, for 10 years, and the youngest, Nicephorus, March 19th will be six months.

In the filmography of the actress Tarhanova – 53 films, the best known role of Dasha in the film “the Betrayal” Nastya Gromova in the movie “Thunder” and Marina in the film series “a Year in Tuscany”.