Популярный блогер предрек закрытие шоу «Звезды под гипнозом» In a Network there was a critical video project with Maxim Galkin. The author of the video was blogger Daniil lazarenkov. Figure Internet doubt the ability of ISA Bagirova, and also believes that the “Stars under hypnosis” is unlikely to stay on the screen for several years.
Популярный блогер предрек закрытие шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

Since the premiere of the show “Stars under hypnosis” does not cease to provoke heated debate. Recently on the YouTube channel-blogger Chuck Review (aka Daniil lazarenkov) review appeared on the TV show, filmed in category “Trash overview”. The day of the publication of the video hit the “tab a trend” of service and has collected more than 39 hours of likes.

Figure of the Internet questioned the qualifications of ISA Bagirov. According to Daniel, people can not be hypnotized with a few phrases and hand passes.

“How many we had – and Kashpirovsky and Allan Chumak, and shows “Hypnosis”. But First channel pulled out his trump card from the sleeve. (…) Macho, athlete, accordionist and player ISA Bagirov. Which will flip the face and congratulations, you’ve become someone else’s dog,” said lazarenkov.
Популярный блогер предрек закрытие шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

Before each issue of the voice-over reports that celebrities is prescribed on diagnosis of susceptibility to hypnosis. “I wonder why the tests were not such stars as Urgant, actor, Gagarin, Bezrukov?” – asks lazarenkov. The blogger added that shooting agree to those who want to once again remind about yourself and to advertise your event.

The young man stressed that don’t want to talk about the authenticity of hypnosis. Daniel expressed his indignation at what is happening on the set as a whole.

Популярный блогер предрек закрытие шоу «Звезды под гипнозом» “Look I still have nine of those born Bagirov and went fronting Russian, Italian and Japanese mafia. It’s a miracle, not man. All the possibilities in front of his feet,” quipped the blogger.
Популярный блогер предрек закрытие шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

According to Daniel, people under hypnosis “there is at least some effect of clouding of consciousness.” “Eyes lost or universal distraction… And it turns out that we do so and turn the victim into a hero of the sitcom. Awesome. (…) Dashka man Bukin are recruited and thrown into the courtroom. It’s “Trial by jury”! I knew this shit reincarnate in another form,” he said. Blogger has expressed outrage scenario of the show, as well as its duration.

Популярный блогер предрек закрытие шоу «Звезды под гипнозом» “You know what the most terrible? The transfer script on your nose is not going away. ISA asks the person to step dance on the ear, which he does. This tent may not offer anything new. But was not going to end. The standard edition of “Star under hypnosis” is half an hour,” he said.

In the final video lazarenkov spoke about the future of the project. Blogger doesn’t think the show will go on the screens a few years.

“What I can say is that “Stars under hypnosis” no hit at all times. A couple of months, and the project collapses. Milking this format for a long time impossible. 20 even the most talented creatives of the world will not be able to squeeze a thousand brilliant ideas from the format of the “Stars under hypnosis”. This clown, who just wants to attract attention,” concluded the young man.