Илья Яббаров откровенно рассказал, как вступил в связь с Рапунцель Participant of the TV project “Dom-2” was found out. Ilya Yabbarov checked on the lie detector and the man confessed that he had relations with a pregnant Olga Rapunzel.

Ilya Yabbarov agreed to be tested on a polygraph to prove Alena Savkina, sister Olga Rapunzel love along with her to participate in the contest “Wedding million”. The results, announced by the experts were surprised not only at Allen, the current girlfriend of Elijah, but everyone present in the Studio of the TV project “Dom-2”.

Ilya – party with the experience. Among those with whom he had made love, one of the highlights of the now former member of telestroke Olga Rapunzel. Stormy and passionate affair unfolded on the television three years ago. Many fans of the show believe that Rapunzel had your heart broken Jabbarova. Presenter of the show, Vlad Kadoni says that Elijah “really suffered and wept.” Now Olga is married to Dmitry Dmitrienko and is expecting his child. And Ilya Yabbarov trying to build a relationship with her younger sister, Alyona, however, and the audience and leading to doubt his sincerity. Some believe that the young man uses the girl to annoy his ex, her sister.

Others believe that it is not true Alena and leering at other participants. Specialist-examiner ran a test and asked Jabbarova direct questions: “did he have a relationship with Olga Rapunzel in his recent arrival on the project?”, “Was sex with Olga Zharikova?” and “if there were an intimate correspondence with another former – Kate Kaufman?”. Most of the questions detector suddenly showed a positive reaction.

“The reaction is very powerful. Therefore, we can assume, although it’s hard to believe that Ilya had contact with a pregnant Olga Rapunzel. Maybe the sex was early, but in any case, when Olga was with her current husband, Dimitri. In addition, a mixed response with some other questions. So was in a relationship with Olga Zharikova and correspondence with Kate Kaufman,” – said the expert.

Ilya Yabbarov after a brief altercation, said he was ready to tell the whole truth, what was and what was not. His words surprised many, especially angered Olga Rapunzel.

“We had a correspondence with Kate, but I was invited to the draft even before he returned. With Zharikova we had nothing. And Olya sex itself was not, there was no penetration it is a thousand percent. When she was at odds with Dima, and Dima was with Jana and we had a kiss and was petting. In the car it was. Olga was the initiator. It was an impulse moment of passion,” said Ilya.

These words greatly hurt the pregnant Olga Rapunzel and her husband. Olga said Yabbarov “lying like breathing.” Ilya and detectors’t believe his current girlfriend Alena.

“My sister Olga, being pregnant, life wouldn’t do. I detector will not believe. But I believe in reality. You let Zharikovo in our relationship. And sitting next to you Zharikov. I can’t take this anymore. We leave,” she said. And despite the fact that the audience has not determined whether the pair will continue Yabbarov-Rapunzel part in the competition “Wedding in a million”, voting equally, presenter Olga Buzova decided to give the children a chance to understand the relationships and pass them to the next round.