Акробат цирка Запашных сорвался во время выступления The doctors are trying to save the life of Anton Martynov. Acrobat circus zapashnogo fell from under the dome of the circus during the performance. It happened during a tour in Elista.
Акробат цирка Запашных сорвался во время выступления

Zapashnye – Mstislav Jr., Edgard and Askold, Dan and Maritza, actively touring with different circus performances and performers to cities and countries. During a performance of circus troupe Mstislava zapashnogo 24 February in Elista in sport center “Oirat-arena” was an accident.

Twins Martynova performed a spectacular room on the ropes under the big top. This trick acrobats always do without insurance. They climb under the roof, and then starts beautifully with acrobatic elements and whirling down. Hall always greets the room with a standing ovation. At this time, except for the applause, there were cries of horror. During the descent one of the brothers Anton Martynov, unexpectedly slipped and fell from a height of around six metres.

The young man received a serious head injury. About it reported in administration of the circus.

Viewers became unwitting witnesses to the accident, took the fall on video.

“Dear viewers! Thank you for your feelings and wishes to our gymnast! At the moment Anton is in intensive care in stable condition. Next to him brother and his wife. We wish him a speedy recovery!”, – made an official statement, the representatives of the circus zapashnogo.
Акробат цирка Запашных сорвался во время выступления

Askold Zapashny told reporters that the acrobat Martynov broken in two places the spine. Zapashny also stressed that the circus is irrelevant, reports 360tv.ru.