Ilya Glinnikov “cut veins” on the set of “the Bachelor”

Илья Глинников «резал вены» на съемках «Холостяка» On the eve of the final show of the famous actor told about his backstage. According to Ilya Glinnikov on set, passions were running high. The star of the series “Interns” had to transcend themselves, to find true love.
Илья Глинников «резал вены» на съемках «Холостяка»

On Saturday, the viewers of channel TNT will see the long-awaited denouement of the show “the Bachelor.” In the final project there are only two participants – Madina Tamova and Ekaterina Nikulina. The star of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov have to make a final choice in favor of one of the contenders for his heart. Many fans are wondering who will stop Ilya. The actor himself did not disclose the name of his lady, but he does not deny that he really had found love on the set. Glinnikov recently gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about the behind the scenes of the popular program.

According to the famous artist, he experienced a storm of emotions, when you looked at the contestants and tried to find common language with them. Despite the fact that Glinnikov tried to be careful, he “went crazy” on the set.

“I’m a pretty keen sense of people, so the experience was much harder. Perhaps it can be compared with opening a vein, because both of the girls, the finalists had real feelings,” shared the actor.

In recognition of Elijah, passion in the final of the TV show was in full swing “serious”. Each of the girls wanted to prove the young man that she is worthy to become his second half.

Now, after a certain amount of time, the actor recalls with a smile about the shooting of the last issue, but then the star was not amused. Meal choice was extremely painful, because young people are constantly doubted and could not decide. But when Elijah still made the final decision, he had awakened in the night in a cold sweat. Glinnikov had nightmares involving the eliminated contestants, who shot him from weapons.

During the meeting with journalists the actor also admitted that he had to overcome himself, to get to know the babe better. “One of the main fears of my life is to enter into a relationship with a girl. But then I finally thought: “Elijah, you need to try! Necessary to enter into a relationship. And then life and will stay one”, – quotes Glinnikov Woman.Ru.

Earlier the young man was frankly told about the contestant who managed to win his heart. The relationship of the artist with one of the participants continued after the completion of filming. Apparently, Elijah truly in love with a girl. In an interview Glinnikov called the beloved “alien” and compared his feelings with the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. Ilya Glinnikov ceased to hide an affair with a member of “the Bachelor”