Investigators announced the decision in the case of a sex scandal at an elite school

Следователи огласили решение по делу о секс-скандале в элитной школе It became known that the investigation of the resonant history, it was discontinued. At the disposal of journalists turned out to be the resolution of the RF IC, which contains testimonies of victims and the conclusions of law enforcement officials.
Следователи огласили решение по делу о секс-скандале в элитной школе

In January of this year in the media appeared information that in the now closed Moscow educational institution for gifted children “League of schools” Director Sergei Bebchuk and his Deputy Nikolai Izyumov was allegedly committed sexual acts against students. In the investigation of journalists argued that this occurred for twenty years.

The real causes of a sex scandal at an elite school: why the testimony of female students diverge

Publication correspondents caused a huge public resonance. The leadership of the “League schools” as there were opponents, accusing them of harassment and defenders, who insisted that all such statements are slander. After the scandal erupted, the Investigative Committee began preliminary examination on the fact of information published in the press. The results of this examination were known after a few months. As it turned out, the RF IC will initiate a criminal case against Bebchuk and Sumova.

“My dear. Charges of Bebchuk Sergei Alexandrovich stopped. Evidence of guilt is not found,” wrote a friend of the former Director of the school of Ilya Harith in social networks.
Следователи огласили решение по делу о секс-скандале в элитной школе

At the disposal of journalists turned out the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case. It says that the actions of Sergey Bebchuk and Nicholas Izyumova there are no signs of a crime under article 135 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Dissolute actions”), and the victims are not addressed in time in law enforcement, so investigators had no reason to trust their claims.

It should also be noted that the testimony of the witnesses, accusing the school management of harassment, will not be considered under part 2 of article 306 of the criminal code (“False denunciation”). The document, which I quote correspondents, contains the testimony of victims students. So, one of them says that Izyumov “from time to time during the trip could put it on his lap, to kiss…”, “would come up from behind, hit with his palm the priest to pretend that he wants to say something in my ear” and “lick” it. Another girl said that in 2008, Bebchuk went up to her and started stroking around the neck and hair, and then asked: “do you Want?” That, in turn, refused. Another victim says that Izyumov occasionally “violated the boundaries of personal space” and allegedly allowed himself to touch the intimate places.

Sergey Bebchuk continues to deny that he committed illegal acts against minors students. He said this during the meeting with the investigator. In turn, the Deputy Director Nikolai Izyumov said that the girls ‘ testimony is not true.

Svetlana Bobrova, the initiator of the investigation regarding sexual harassment in educational institutions, told reporters that does not agree with the decree of the RF IC.

“We will appeal, we would have to do much work to fix all the cases again,” she said.

According to Borovoy, they, along with counsel and other students are planning to meet to discuss the situation, according