Elena Berkova congratulations on the marriage

Елену Беркову поздравляют с замужеством The outrageous star got married. Elena Berkova today combined knot with her lover Andrei Stoyanov. Despite the fact that the woman promised to arrange a magnificent celebration, marriage registration went without a large number of guests.

Today it became known that the flamboyant ex-participant reality show “House-2” and the actress of films for adults Elena Berkova married. Her husband was the actor Andrei Stoyanov. As reported, the celebration was held in the Gagarin registry office, but the lovers did not collect a huge number of guests, and arranged a quiet ceremony. In social networks, the man gave to understand that today is his special day that will be remembered him for a long time.

“Second of June. There is a reason”, – he wrote in his microblog.

Followers of the actor was intrigued by this record, and some guessed what was going on, hastened to congratulate him on his wedding day. Lovers in March announced that it intends to legitimize the relationship. On his birthday Elena announced that it plans to organize a Grand celebration in honour of the wedding. The star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov shared the joy that he had the honour to be leading such an important event in the life of a Hostel and Stoyanov.

Ex-participant reality show met with the actor of the series “Capercaillie” a few years ago. However, their relationship suffered disorder. Elena said that at that time man was not ready to start a family. At the time they broke up, but soon realized that can not live without each other. Apparently, the actor realized that / he is perfect.

Elena admits that now elect understands it just perfectly. She does not hesitate to openly Express their desires.

“I began to speak directly, even uncomfortable things, and all the requests get a “Yes.” But still I can’t believe when I say, “Oh, what a beautiful dress… Oh, if I could that”, he still does not understand, until you say, “Buy that dress!” So what obscure allusions?” – surprised woman.

For the most Berkova marriage with Stoyanov is not the first. She was married three times – from the stripper Ivan Belkova she had a son Eugene. However, for 43-year-old Andrew, Elena became the only official wife. As reports the edition Life, now Stoyanov is planning to adopt a child lady.