Igor Vernik hopes again to become a father

Игорь Верник надеется снова стать отцом The famous actor is thinking about another child. Igor Vernik remembered how he liked to take care of his son Gregory when he was little. The star of the movie “All about men” does not hide that would like to experience these emotions again.

      Игорь Верник надеется снова стать отцом

      Famous actor Igor Vernik will be a father. Talking to the journalists, the star of the film “All about men” recalls how he raised a son Grisha, about the first days of boy’s life and how the child subsequently went through a divorce roditeli. According to Igor, he always helped ex-wife to babysit the heir.

      “I wanted a son. And all the worries about it as I could with my work, I shared with my wife: we went to swaddle, bathe, I remember how staged the performances, only that he was distracted and swallowed the spoonful of porridge which he refused to eat… All this is happiness! I dream to live through it again”, said wernick.

      When the actor got divorced from his wife, they decided to first not talk about this son. But, according to Igor, for the boy, nothing has changed. He lived alternately with his mother, with dad. With his ex-wife from Wernicke subsequently had a good relationship, all the negativity in the past.

      Igor is often found with women who are much younger than him. 52-year-old actor admits he’s comfortable in his age, he doesn’t feel old. “The world has changed, and today the 50-year-old man – not the dense, crumbling guy with three hairs on his head and a beer gut, and man in the Prime of life, with the experience, knowledge, viable attitudes and in great shape,” said the artist.

      At the moment wernick’s Dating 24-year-old model Daria Pink. A native of the city of Kimry of the Tver region the actor met back in 2014, but then their relationship was not destined to last long. This summer, the movie star and the young beauty got back together.

      Igor Vernik went back to his ex-girlfriend

      Igor told that in his life so happens that he has an affair with a lady younger than himself. “Who says a Mature woman is always more complex, more interesting or smarter than girls, for example, just graduated from University, was well educated and rapidly absorb life? And if she is ready to grow, to listen and hear, she will always fill a particular gap. In any case, clinical fools I’ve met. Or rather, I didn’t meet them”, – said Igor in an interview with “Telenedelya”.