Виктория Дайнеко рассказала об изменах The singer admitted that she had been repeatedly betrayed. Before finding a soul mate in the person of drummer Dmitry Kleiman, Victoria Dayneko not once experienced a bad experience.

      Cheryl Cole admits that she is a sincere person, and amorous. The singer was met not only decent young people, but those who have broken her heart. Recently, the star has found true happiness in the arms of a drummer Dmitry Kleiman. The couple has a daughter, whose name they hold in the strictest confidence.

      However, before to find a caring and loving husband, Victoria had to endure a series of unsuccessful novels. Dayneko confesses that she repeatedly suffered from dishonest men.

      “Betrayed me on a regular basis. From early childhood I learned what betrayal. But I haven’t lost faith in people. God is the judge of those who behave dishonestly, but I can’t be insincere,” admitted Victoria.

      We will remind, before Dayneko met Kleiman, fans of a star with a sinking heart watched how it developed her relationship with a colleague at the scene of Alexei Vorobyov. Throughout the year, lovers demonstrated passionate feelings, and it seemed that the wedding is not far off. The reasons of rupture of the artists did not speak publicly. However, they still managed to keep warm relations.

      “It’s such happiness! For some time before she became a mother, the whole family, with husband and child in the abdomen, came to me to record a song that I wrote for the new album the Wiki. So their kid even became a member of our joint work. It is wonderful to see how beautiful the girl becomes a real woman and mother,” – said in an interview with “StarHit” the ex-boyfriend Dayneko, Alexey Vorobyov.

      I wonder what Victoria and her husband Dmitri has managed to survive the first family crisis after her wedding in April 2015. About Victoria hinted in his microblog. Meanwhile, the BC believes that she can be proud of today.

      Cheryl Cole has hinted at the imminent divorce

      “Last year I was able to overcome a lot, much appreciate, take. The greatest pride is to learn to enjoy life for what it is. When you perceive as the good moments and negative, and understand that even a crisis situation you can squeeze out for themselves. In my life when all is quiet and smooth, I begin to strain and to suspect that something here not so” – said the singer in interview to “Peopletalk”.