Jackie Chan will receive a special “Oscar” for achievements in film

Джеки Чан получит особый «Оскар» за заслуги в кинематографе

In November, the Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences will award an honorary Oscar to Jackie Chan. We have three evidence that the actor really deserved this award.

Джеки Чан получит особый «Оскар» за заслуги в кинематографе

1. His filmography includes more than 100 films

Over the 54 years of his career, Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan) and tried the set in virtually all roles: actor, Director, producer and even cameraman. He voiced cartoons and became the prototype for the hero of the animated series “the adventures of Jackie Chan” (Jackie Chan Adventures). In April, Chan turned 62, but he still continues shooting — will soon be released for another four films with his participation and two of the cartoon on voice acting which he worked.

2. Almost all the movie stunts he performs alone

Because of this, the actor has experienced a serious injury, for example dislocated hip, broken ankle and ribs, and traumatic brain injury. According to rumors, so Jackie Chan is in the black list of all American insurance companies.

3. He is still up to no really serious awards

On account of Chan three awards MTV — lifetime achievement and the films “rush Hour” (Rush Hour and rush Hour 2 (Rush Hour 2), as well as several Chinese prizes.

In addition to Jackie Chan, “Oscar” for the contribution to cinema will receive the filmmaker Frederic Wiseman (Frederick Wiseman), the film editor Anne Coates (Anne Coates) and a specialist in the casting Starmaster Lynn (Lynn Stalmaster).