Мужу Ольги Бузовой предстоит серьезная операция Dmitry Tarasov forced to go to examination overseas. Football player injured in a friendly match with Turkey. Doctors suggest that a 29-year-old athlete cruciate knee ligament.

      The other day the husband of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov got injured in a friendly match against Turkey. According to sports doctors, the player was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate knee ligament. The player had to leave the national team of Russia. The club’s sporting Director Igor Korneev told reporters that Tarasov will fly soon over the border, where experts plan to conduct additional medical examination.

      Due to health problems Dmitry could not accept international match against Ghana on 6 September. Presumably, only on Tuesday, doctors will be able to be more precise, when the player will be allowed to return to the team. Most likely, the athlete will need surgery.

      “Tarasova we have already lost, and for a long time, although the final diagnosis he put up in Italy, where he now went,” – said the chief coach of “Locomotive” Yuri Semin.

      Fans player leave words of support on his social media pages. “Get well”, “Recover, man! Good luck to you!” Tarasov you very boldly and very well played,” wrote in the comments of people who watched the match Russia and Turkey.

      Spouse Tarasov Olga Buzova only recently returned from the Seychelles where she was involved in the filming of a new project “Dom-2. The island of love”. In social networks presenter tries not to dwell on the condition of the beloved. To everyone’s surprise, even at the wedding of her friend Olesya Marchevsky Olga appeared without Dmitri. Usually Tarasov and His coming in loud activities together.

      The couple have been together for four years. According to the presenter, she did not hesitate first to take some decisive action in the relationship with Dmitri. “I think we should follow our impulses. I first admitted to Dima in love, and absolutely do not regret it. He gently replied, “me too”, but I still caution found that “too”. Actions always speaks louder than words, but the girls are such girls,” said Olga.

      The stars recognized that their relationship completely absent of jealousy. “I always come home with flowers – give them to me at work. Dima refers to this with understanding: knows that I would never allow myself to accept attentions from other men. Stupid, when woman gets a boyfriend with the purpose to annoy the wife. The third person in a relationship once”, – said Olga with “StarHit”.