Igor Nikolaev told how several years lied to people

Игорь Николаев рассказал, как несколько лет обманывал людей
The artist thought about it, congratulating happy birthday Gennady Hazanova.

Igor Nikolaev, Gennady Khazanov

Igor Nikolaev remembered how, as a student, deception
into performances and concerts, and it was not to get tickets. The future artist did it without paying out of pocket a penny. This singer
remembered, and on occasion. Today Gennady Khazanov turned 72

Congratulating the artist, Nikolaev and told a funny story of his youth. “Moscow.
1979. Variety Theatre is absolutely impossible to go to concerts of Alla
Pugacheva and Gennady Khazanov. The people stand in a long queue in the ghostly
the hope that the cashier throw a few tickets from the reservation. And I’m the only one, fun and
Sakhalin resourceful teenager, you know the way: student ID take
pass on the daily hodgepodge of artists of Soviet music during
the concert, go to an Executive buffet (supposedly I’m a musician and artist), and wait
the evening concert (in the hall one free place has always been), recalls
singer. — It was worth it! When Alla sat at the piano and sang “Summer Rains”,
I thought she was with his huge emerald eyes looking right at me, and
at Hazanova was bright, bold, with instant transformations and murderous
monologues show “Trivia”! And suddenly, a strange twist of fate, and in December of that
same 79, the year I be in the team of Alla Pugacheva, and in this picture we
sitting in the jury together with Gennady Khazanov! Life flash! Happy birthday to you
Gennady Viktorovich!”