Girl disfigured her face to be like angelina Jolie

Девушка изуродовала свое лицо, чтобы стать похожей на Анджелину Джоли
The actress is accused of bad influence on youth.

Девушка изуродовала свое лицо, чтобы стать похожей на Анджелину Джоли

Angelina Jolie


Sugar Tabar


Fans of the 42-year-old Angelina Jolie in shock. In their ranks
showed so passionate a fan that she’s not afraid to take
after a few tens of operations in
trying to be like his idol. Moreover, 19-year-old Sugar Tabar,
also, brought myself almost to exhaustion for the sake of her figure
to become as skinny as Angelina.

About the “feat” Sugar became known after
she posted pictures of an it transformation, in a social network.
The girl with pride told that she had to move about 50 plastic
operations to get closer to the desired image. Moreover, she lost 40 pounds for
what used to starve myself for a few months. The saddest thing about this story is,
the result of all her suffering was, in the opinion of the majority,
monstrous. The girl was like no
so much for Jolie, how cartoon character of Tim Burton’s “Corpse bride”…

By the way, Sugar is not the only victim, shall communicate itself to the
extremes, in order to be like angelina. She’s just
an extreme case of this kind. In General, as many believe, is at fault
this trend is Jolie. She, being one of the most famous Actresses
on the planet, its extreme thinness (for which Angelina was repeatedly exposed
criticism) unwittingly introduces into the minds of the youth the ideal “anorexic” beauty. And
trying to become like her can push even very young girls don’t
only to the abuse of plastic surgery, but to subject
their health serious danger.