Cunning restaurateurs: why we eat more than necessary

Хитрости рестораторов: почему мы едим больше нужного
Restaurant marketers know the thousand and one ways to persuade guests to order more and more. They subtly direct our desires, increasing receipt.

Хитрости рестораторов: почему мы едим больше нужного

The easiest way to save
a slim figure even in sedentary work in advance to plan the menu for the day and
take healthy food from home. But always follow this rule fails
not much – in some companies there is no possibility to have lunch in the office, and someone
just not enough time to cook. And come they command the nearest

However, eating in cafes, it’s easy
to lose control of the moment comes a feeling of satiety very quickly
“eat” the extra pounds. But why is the restaurant so the atmosphere acts on
us? There are many marketing tricks with which cafes and
restaurants of all levels promote customers to substantial orders. Knowing these
tricks can preserve not only the purse but also the shape.

1. A compliment
from the chef

In good institutions the waiter
brings to order an extra little something – usually a dessert or canapés.
A compliment is always very small, literally one tooth, and low-calorie.
And he served before the main dishes. The purpose of such a gift from the restaurant for two
– how should whet the appetite of the guests something to occupy their waiting
the basic order. And the restaurant shows in this way its special
attitude towards visitors.

2. The
dear dish – in the start menu

On the background of the price of all the others
dishes starting to look acceptable. And people can afford to order more
than just a Cup of coffee and a salad. This is a favorite method of expensive institutions.

3. Meals
with a detailed description

Long beautiful descriptions of the dishes
allow the guest to “feel the taste” – colorfully described dishes seem more sophisticated,
tastier, and cheaper. It seems to a person that he gets more for the same
money. This technique is able to increase the order of 30%, as well as bright beautiful
food photos illustrating the menu. For more living perception in the descriptions
dishes are added “delicious” adjectives: “ripe strawberry”, “juicy steak”,
“flavorful soup”.

4. To
coffee and tea are offered for dessert

Traditionally, in all catering establishments
offers sweets to hot drinks. Institutions that allows
to increase the check, and visitors – the waist. So think twice before
to accept a tempting offer of the waiter to try the signature dessert.

Хитрости рестораторов: почему мы едим больше нужного

5. A sense of nostalgia

The visitors usually like to think that served a dish cooked according to an old family recipe or in the best national traditions. To create such an impression and serve as room decor, and the menu style and even the look of the waiters. Very often in the menu to read: “hot at home”, “pies: grandma recipe”, “Gata”. Nostalgia is a device that works perfectly. The main thing – not to lose face, not to get involved too much tasting and not eating to excess.

6. The waiter nods and repeats

People tend to agree with the recommendations of the employee of the restaurant, if the one offering the dish or drink, nods: “to Bring a large portion?” or “Drinks again?”. The same effect is the saying the name twice: “For vegetarians we have beetroot soup and mushroom soup-puree of pumpkin. I would recommend You to try the pumpkin”. Guest most likely to choose something on which emphasis was placed.

7. Bread sticks with spices

Another almost trouble-free reception. In some cafes, the waiter can silently put on the table a bouquet of breadsticks – salted, peppered and dry, flavoured with aromatic spices. Tempted by the cafe visitors then order a cool drink to beat the finish of pepper. Cold cocktails, in turn, significantly enhance hunger. In the result, you order more food than usual.

How to save the figure, when “everything around it is delicious”

We all love to indulge in trips to the restaurant. In this case, it is necessary to observe a measure of desire to eat. But an iron will and unfaltering self-control is not given to everyone, while there are not gaining weight is every woman’s dream.

It seems incredible, but today, culinary delights and a slim figure can be combined. Help an innovative tool Portioli. Two capsules taken half an hour before meals will not allow to eat too much, thus permanently retain a feeling of satiety.

The mechanism of action is simple. Once in the stomach along with the water, the capsule increases in volume to form a soft structural hydrogel, which partially fills the stomach and enables you to satisfied, a significantly smaller portion. Capsules are taken half an hour before eating, squeezed warm pure non-carbonated water at the rate of 180 ml per capsule.

Parziale contains no calories, thus, part of the high-calorie food is replaced by low-calorie hydrogel, reducing the overall calorie content of the meal. The reduced portions reduces the intake of calories in the body, initiating their expenditure from their own fat reserves. Thus, starts the process of natural weight loss.

While Parziale does not enter into active biological processes, is not absorbed and is not addictive. Valid only the period spent in the stomach, completely and in unchanged form excreted from the body. Welcome Partiala within a few months develops a habit to consume a small portion of food that provides a gradual but deliberate reduction of body weight and eliminates the development of complications that occur with rapid weight loss.

Clinical trials Parziale demonstrated to reduce weight by 3-5 kg in a month while taking 2 capsules 1 time a day before the main meal in the continuous course of a duration of 3 months. And it is up to 18 kg in six months*.

Parziale: easy weight loss without hunger!

*2007-2012, United States, Clinical Trials Summary

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