Ian Somerhalder and Nikki reed are worried about the nature of

Йен Сомерхолдер и Никки Рид беспокоятся о природе

Star of the TV series “the vampire Diaries” Ian Somerhalder and actress from “Twilight” Nikki reed not only care about our little friends, but showed interest in mother nature by visiting the presentation of a new book by American filmmaker Joshua Tickell in Marina del Rey, California. The book titled Kiss the Ground talks about regenerative agriculture and nature conservation.

Йен Сомерхолдер и Никки Рид беспокоятся о природе

The couple, who recently became parents, did not hide their feelings and clearly raised the degree of romance at the event. The couple flirted and sweet talked, do not hesitate cameras. They are clearly interested in not only nature, but also a personal relationship. The pair did not particularly dress up for the presentation, and only dressed in basic outfits. Beautiful Nikki was in a white Golf and jeans, complementing the outfit with a beige coat. Her husband Ian decided to appear in a black t-shirt, cap, pants and cap.

Instagram for promoting books, the organizers put the pictures with the actor who holds the book. “This book tells about the ability of food to change the world. Our choice of food promotes or improvements or the fault of civilization. This is a daily choice holds more power than any of our other actions. Food is power.” quoting Somerhalder under the photo.

Йен Сомерхолдер и Никки Рид беспокоятся о природе

The pair appeared at the presentation of the book is not only to support the Director, but also personally to participate. For example, Ian went on stage to read an excerpt from the book. “We are nothing without our land,” said the actor. These words mean a lot to him, because Somerhalder is the founder of a private Foundation Ian Somerhalder Foundation. His goal is all ways to preserve nature, for which he collects the necessary funds.

Acting couple support not only nature, but also its inhabitants. Recently, they were awarded humanitarian awards Jameson Ranch Animal Rescue Humanitarian Tribute for the contribution to help the animals. Ian has decided to please its subscribers in instagram a cute photo from the event. There he appeared with a boar named Mr. Moo. “I love this little man. Thank you Jameson Ranch Animal Rescue for the honor. Your hard work and compassion truly magical. Nikki, Fund Ian Somerhalder Foundation and I can’t wait to start to cooperate with you. Thank you Napa Valley Film Festival for your spirit and the creation of such a large space for cinema,” actor signed photo.

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