Anastasia Volochkova prepares riposte to the former chosen one

Анастасия Волочкова готовит ответный удар бывшему избраннику Sex scandal with dancers grows. Anastasia first explained to the public and the journalists about what happened between her and businessman Chermen Zotova. Their candid images recently hit the net.
Анастасия Волочкова готовит ответный удар бывшему избраннику

Another scandal involving a famous ballet dancer acquires new facts, to clarify the situation decided Anastasia Volochkova. In the Studio of “Special edition with Vadim Takmeneva” the ballerina did not deny that she is really candid shots. The star also confirmed that she had relationship with a businessman and a PR Chermen Zotovab a year ago.

Appearing before the audience, She immediately made a splash. Guests and experts almost unanimously sided with the ballerina, considering the act of ex-lover Volochkova, vile and disgusting. Volochkova did not expect that the Bunkers will upload their candid pictures and brag about it as an intimate connection with the artist.

“I don’t know how he has photographed his miniature creation, washed it. Disgraced the Caucasian Diaspora. No woman with him no more wants to deal with, and the men of the Caucasus will not shake his hand. I had this man’s trust, invited me to his home”, – said Volochkova.

Anastasia sure what the red posted intimate photos on the Internet. She doesn’t believe in a hacker attack, which resulted in the leaked photos. Bunkers claimed in all interviews that his account in one of social networks hacked by cyber criminals, business competitors wanting to Nefertiti reputation of the entrepreneur.

It is worth noting that some attendees at the talk show suggested that the Bunkers associated with the former driver of a ballerina. We will remind, Alexander Skirtach was convicted for stealing money from Volochkova. Invited experts argued that the brother of the convicted person sitting in the next cell with a relative of Chermen, so the photos leaked to the Network could be revenge of the former employee of the star.

After such statements Bunkers came to the program, the businessman immediately gave the former a sweetheart with a big bouquet of white roses with the words: “Nastya, forgive me.”

Red said that his account was hacked in March of this year, he’s already written the application in law enforcement agencies, now it is in development. The man confessed of love for the ballerina since the age of 15,he said, he didn’t want to hurt her. However, none of the star guests of the talk show didn’t believe him. According to most experts, Bunkers himself posted pictures thereby gained fame. The red before the end of the program denied any connection with a former ballerina’s driver, also a businessman, did not recognize the fact that he personally published intimate photos with the star of the ballet.

Furious Anastasia promised to send to the parents of businessman Frank live with their son for the New year. Red, in turn, said that loved the ballerina and want to build a relationship. According to the businessman, he even resorted to the help of a psychologist after breaking up with Volochkova.

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