Nikita Presnyakov struck a Declaration of love

Никита Пресняков поразил признанием в любви
The singer talked publicly about his feelings for his wife.

Photo: Instagram

The appearance and normal demeanor Nikita Presnyakov does not give him the romance that he really is. Grandson Alla Pugacheva has amazed its users with a touching Declaration of love to his wife Alena Krasnova.

“You are my incentive to run home like hell and every time to experience this feeling, when you open the door for me and charge me on a molecular level with his smile! he wrote in a personal blog. — At the moment I have forgotten all your feelings and problems! I just transported to a world where you are except I don’t need anyone”.

Alena wrote to her husband in the comments: “My love!”

Apparently the honeymoon lovers has not ended until now. Nikita and Alena were married at the end of July. They never had to go to a full wedding trip because of the huge number of work projects have both. Apparently, the couple moved this large-scale event in January and the holiday period all Russian pop stars.