Иэн МакКеллен отказался от миллионного гонорара
By his role as Gandalf insulted an advantageous offer.

Ian McKellen

77-year-old actor Ian McKellen, who played wizard Gandalf in the franchise “the Lord of the rings” and the trilogy “the Hobbit” told me that one time refused to a huge amount, only because he did not want to turn your favorite hero “jester”.

The story began with the fact that a few years ago, Ian has purchased a license giving him the right to officially marry. And he did it solely in order to, at the request of his best friend, actor Patrick Stewart, stars of “X-Men” — to bear witness to his marriage to country singer Sonny Ozell. And since both Patrick and Sunny — a celebrity, this story was widely reported in the press. So, know about it and billionaire Sean Parker, whose fortune is estimated at more than two billion dollars.

Parker, who was going to marry, conceived the extravagant wedding — in the style of “Lord of the rings”, where all the guests and newlyweds had to dress up in costumes of the heroes of the epic. And McKellen could help Sean to carry out his plan. As told to Ian when he got the offer he was about to give his consent, especially because it offered him half a million dollars. However, after learning the precondition Parker, flatly refused. The fact that Sean demanded Mackellen to dress for the ceremony in the costume of Gandalf! But the actor replied, “Oh, no. Gandalf no one marries!” And proudly rejected the offer, despite the very best fee.

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