Alex Kravchenko will give 5 million rubles psychics

Алексей Кравченко отдаст 5 миллионов рублей экстрасенсам
The names of the participants of the new NTV show “Psychic Detectives vs”

Алексей Кравченко отдаст 5 миллионов рублей экстрасенсам

Alex Kravchenko will give 5 million rubles psychics, if they are stronger than the detectives

Photo: NTV

In the new season on NTV channel starts showing scale
show — battle of mysticism and logic “Psychics against Detectives,” in which
competitors of magicians and clairvoyants will be the guards, not recognizing
superpowers. Investigators and forensic investigators of the interior Ministry will fight
the owners of paranormal abilities — the shamans, witches and parapsychologists,
made popular by the TNT project “Battle of psychics.” The host of the show “Psychics
against the Detectives,” became a popular actor Aleksei Kravchenko.

On the side of the psychics will fight: witch Elena Yasevich,
warlock a novel of Fad, military psychic Vitaly Bograd, Slavic sorcerer ASTART
Ward, telepath ISA Bagirov, fortune Aza Petrenko, clairvoyant Caretta
Ahmetzhanova, shaman Ekaterina Ryzhikova and the witch Hope Sparrow.

Against them
will be made by the Ministry staff investigator for especially important Affairs Alexei Assessors, investigators
Elena Koroleva, Alexey Katkov and Kirill Smirnov, CSU Ilya Zakharov, Victoria
Royal and Dmitry Ratnikov and investigator Sergei Khudyakov and operative Ivan Semenov.

Алексей Кравченко отдаст 5 миллионов рублей экстрасенсам

The participants of the project

Photo: NTV

The two teams have to solve real crimes, and the viewer
will be able to see the two different approach to work and decide what he
more trusts — a mysterious intuition or cold deduction.

“I don’t see psychics opponent no — recognized
project member Colonel Alexei Assessors. — Those people who
do have some abilities, in my opinion, there is only
Orthodox Christianity — they are, but they don’t have the gift. They just
offer some truth if to believe it. But no one really
real spiritual, righteous person would not use your gift in
gain. And psychics the main goal is withdrawal of material
benefits for himself”.

Алексей Кравченко отдаст 5 миллионов рублей экстрасенсам

Can a magic staff to compete with laboratory research

Photo: NTV

“It seems to me that some easy jobs
investigators are able to unravel, decode and get to the truth — says
the enemy guards Slavic sorcerer ASTART ward. But if we are talking about
something ancient and forgotten, then they will have some difficulty, because over time the
all the evidence is lost. And for us, this dark past reveals its secrets”.

Methods of psychics and detectives polar opposite. Just
12 hours will be the teams to the disclosure of a crime. Can magic
staff, Gypsy cards, shamanic drum, gemstones, handkerchief grandmother and live
owl compete with laboratory studies, examination of documents and inspection
the scene of the crime?

Clairvoyant Caretta Akhmetzhanova

Photo: NTV

“Usually I work from photographs says
their methods create novel Fad. Is a power phantom man, with
which can be considered quite a lot of information. In extreme cases, use
belongings of the victim.

The participants of the show “Psychics against Detectives,” will compete for major
a cash prize of 5 million rubles. For this, players will have the time
forget about personal ambitions and to defend the honor of the team. In the finale of each program
the losing party shall by vote be deprived of one of the participants. But
when victory will remain quite a bit, remember the finalists of those without whom
this success would not be possible?

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