Борис Клюев зажигает на дискотеке
Star of the TV series “Voronin” sang the rock-n-roll.

Boris Klyuyev and Anna Frolovtseva

Photo: STS

In the new season of “Voronin”, which starts
on STS since August 29, dance skills will demonstrate almost all the actors. For example,
the older generation of telesemana — grandparents (characters Boris Klyuev and
Anna Frolovtseva go to a disco for pensioners “For those over …Ty”.
And at the site of rock in the rock-n-roll. This episode was filmed in one of the Moscow Houses of culture, and it was attended by more trigatti of extras.

Klyuev and Frolovtseva was wonderful
dancers, and coped with this stage without the help of choreographers. And here Yulia
Courtenay, who plays Anastasia Voronin in one of the episodes takes
tango, I had to take a few lessons from the teachers of dance.

By the way, this season Nastya Voronina appears
sister, the role went to Irene Lacanau, known for the movie “the Crew” and
the TV series “Boss Lady”. Also on the set of the new season of “Voronin, Yulia Kuvarzina
meet your partner on the series “Not born beautiful” Anna

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