Я ль на свете всех милее? Навка на фото без макияжа

Skater once again proved that without the pounds of makeup looks stunning!

We used to see our famous ladies in full dress: huge heels, a chic dress to the floor, emphasize the advantages and hide flaws, and bright makeup. It’s frightening to think how much time and effort spent Patriotic stars to put on the face all the layers of powders and tonalnikov and will appear in public in regalia. However, not all need it. Tatiana Navka posted a picture without make-up, refuting the statement of Oscar Wilde: “In society there are women who are of two kinds: the plain and the coloured”.

On a photo of Tatiana sitting in the airplane, ready to sail back to Sochi to participate in the show “Carmen”. Naturally, for flights Navka did not put on makeup. Here and posted a picture, as they say, without embellishment, and photoshop. But even without eyeliner and outlined lips she looks fresh and very attractive. I couldn’t not mention her subscribers.

“Beauty”, “So young and fresh, “Incredible and so real” that’s only a small part of the hundreds of compliments were addressed to the athletes.

It seems, was right when he lamented Yves Saint Laurent, saying that love is the best cosmetics.