Rose Sabitova boasted a figure in a bikini

Роза Сябитова похвасталась фигурой в бикини

Fans admired the elegant forms of the 54-year-old leading.

“Yesterday Moscow, today, Sochi and velvet chanson. A little rest will not hurt. But when close friends are photographers, not read. Let’s pose”, – shared his emotions rose with thousands of fans.

Despite the tight schedule (coming soon the new season of the program “let’s get married!”), Sabitova broke on vacation in Sochi, where the weather still allows you to sunbathe and swim.

For marine recreation Sabitova chose a white bikini with a light shoulder – revealing way.

“Supervisor”, “Rosa – the inspirer!”, “An example to all women”, “looking good,” the admired members of the presenter.

Indeed, looking at the picture, hard to imagine that Rosa 54.

By the way, a few years ago, the famous presenter lost a lot of weight thanks to the program, Queen Margaret.

“And three years ago I was invited to participate in the project on weight loss. And under the supervision of a dietitian. Margaret the Queen once warned: “All what will be taught, then must be a lifestyle, or even do not start, otherwise you’ll be back and the weight gone, and new ones will appear. I was prescribed an individual diet which also involves the rejection of salt and bread. To change the style of eating was difficult but I realized that it’s all a matter of habit. The salt house refused really, but sometimes lunch and dinner in the restaurant, this spice is still present in my diet,” said Sabitova.