Бритни Спирс выложила горячее видео

The singer has pleased the followers “Instagram” incendiary dance.

A few years ago, everybody was discussing the appearance of the pop diva, going through hard times. Excess weight, cellulite, tasteless clothing – the singer got the full program.

Fortunately, the black stripe remained in the past. Britney gave in life, he returned to his music career, succeeded in establishing communication with his sons, and brought in shape.

Of course, she wants to boast of the results. Which she does, regularly publishing in Instagram photos showing slender figure.

A few days ago on page Britney has a video in which she dances to the music. The girl microtop, microsort and fashionable nowadays chalker. Dance selected appropriate fiery and rhythmic.

The subscribers were divided into two camps. Some people admire: “Burn, baby”, “Wow, how cool”. Others did not appreciate: “These Jumpy movements I don’t like”, “Spears like a dog on a leash, funny.”

However, the detractors in this case is clearly jealous. Britney really lost a lot of weight and regained the figure that helped her conquer the musical Olympus. The secret of its slenderness – in the background is the same seen. Spears has been active in sports and eats right and leads a healthy lifestyle.