Hypnology-the mentalist ISA Bagirov: “In personal relationships, hypnosis is not used»

Гипнолог-менталист Иса Багиров: «В личных отношениях гипноз не применяю» Today in the First channel starts a new show, in which celebrities are experiencing sudden mood swings and drastic changes in behavior. Specialist of the program “Stars under hypnosis” ISA Bagirov spoke with “StarHit” and talked about the techniques and working on the project.
Гипнолог-менталист Иса Багиров: «В личных отношениях гипноз не применяю»

In the new program “Stars under hypnosis” which will premiere on channel 4 February, participants experiencing sudden mood swings and drastic changes in behavior. ISA Bagirov will enter the program in hypnosis. In this state they will share their revelations or presenter Maxim Galkin will make fun of them. Participants in the program, agreeing to participate in the show, you never know what will manifest itself under hypnosis. The audience will observe the whole process and will know what happens to people in this state. “StarHit” I talked with ISA about techniques, hypnosis, and dealing with the girls.

“The theme of the hypnosis I was always interesting. I’m very much practiced. Show “Stars under hypnosis” is a platform where I could show their potential. The camera was easy to work with. Had not experienced difficulties on the television. In “Black and white” I did, a phenomenon that is not associated in any way with the format of the programme, its meaning. With the skills of mentalism that you can understand what a man thinks,” – said Bagirov.

Hypnology claims that Maxim Galkin were not under hypnosis. Maybe it will happen, if there is a continuation of the project, but limited the guest stars. “The recording and pre-production takes a lot of time. I was focused on the characters, which were often joined by a live Studio audience. Especially hypnotizability the audience is indoctrinated and so are its participants”, – says the hypnology.

According to ISA Bagirov, hypnosis is a state which does not harm the health of man.

“The suggestion is positive and negative. Therefore, an important personality of hypnology and his understanding of responsibility. Man can inspire anything. In fact, so advertising works. We impose a choice, and the state in which we make this choice, called “posthypnotic suggestion”. After filming I necessarily remove all the settings, like from the stars and the audience,” said ISA.
Гипнолог-менталист Иса Багиров: «В личных отношениях гипноз не применяю»

ISA helps people to get rid of serious addictions. “I work a lot in Israel, in Moscow, I almost did not accept. I help people deal with any psychological problems, phobias, and addictions, including drug and alcohol. In working with alcohol addiction, the effect is felt from the first session,” – said Bagirov.

ISA shared that there are different methods of introducing into a trance. According to him, in a show of loyal used equipment, but there are quite powerful, in particular, “criminal hypnotism”. “Therefore, people cannot completely protect themselves from hypnosis. Shock methods work on the element of surprise when the person is unaware of the fact that it happens now impact,” said the meeting.

ISA himself admits that he has not yet met the one who could hypnotize. “I know the inner mechanisms of hypnosis, and they on me. Moreover, I know the algorithms that people can incorporate into their lives and become free from stress, happy and confident,” – said Bagirov.

Bagirov continues to explore new techniques and methods of hypnosis. He believes that he needs to constantly improve their skills. According to ISA, it should always be based on practice rather than theory.

Bagirov conducts private lessons on hypnosis. All coming on the training sign a document which undertake not to use technology in ways that can violate the law. ISA Bagirov many years studying hypnosis, but simultaneously trained as a lawyer in international law and forensic psychologist. Bagirov recalls how he spent one of the first sessions on hypnosis.

“Man in a state of hypnosis understands everything literally, he has no critical thinking. I hypnotized person. The apartment was a coat rack in the hallway on which hung jackets. I put him in a deep trance and gave him a posthypnotic suggestion, instructed: “When you open your eyes, you’ll be in a completely normal state, you leave, you’re gonna take the green jacket with cloves, put it on and go.” He opens his eyes, another 20 minutes to communicate, then he is going to leave. Suitable for jackets, and his stupor. He stands and doesn’t know what to do. He’s looking for a stud, he’s looking for a green jacket. Thus it is not a hanger stud. Happened layering, suggestion on personal perception of the person and he had a stupor,” he told the meeting.
Гипнолог-менталист Иса Багиров: «В личных отношениях гипноз не применяю»

Bagirov admits that he has a very busy schedule, so for several years, he cannot afford to rest. To restore power, he sleeps a lot and plays sports. ISA says that he does not have a strong need to communicate with people.

“I have enough myself. I do not need those who can be a shoulder to cry on. I’m surrounded by good people. But I also like to be alone,” says Bagirov.

In ordinary life, the ISA does not use the skills of hypnosis, no friends, no girls. Bagirov has never experienced difficulties in Dating with the opposite sex, but ideal lady had not. “Woman should remain a woman. She should be able to love, to respect parents. It all starts from childhood,” – says the expert.

Hypnology admits that is already thinking about starting a family. But in no hurry to tie the knot. “The ability to live and enjoy each day is the most important. And the rest will come”, – said Bagirov.