Alla Pugacheva saved by Ilya Reznik from the financial crisis

Алла Пугачева спасла Илью Резника от финансового кризиса The singer gave the composer a generous amount. Ilya Reznik admitted that he is in debt. However, thanks to the gift from an old girlfriend, he was able to not only escape from financial ruin, but also to have a rest abroad.
Алла Пугачева спасла Илью Резника от финансового кризиса

The generosity Ally Pugacheva is legendary. The star does not skimp on gifts for their friends while not forgetting and colleagues on stage, which worked. Further proof of the love Diva charity has become her recent gesture towards Ilya Rezniku. In the program “You wouldn’t believe!”the man admitted that he is experiencing not the best period. Due to financial crisis the family of the composer was forced to sell almost all his estate.

“We sold my old apartment and in order to save the house on the ruble. And then one day the phone rang and on the other end Alla. She learned about our situation and gave a cash gift. The sum I will not name, but she was very decent. We all have enough. Even left for a vacation in the United Arab Emirates. Sunbathed and ate for many years to come,” – said the wife of the butcher.
Алла Пугачева спасла Илью Резника от финансового кризиса

Resnick does not deny that in recent years they Pugacheva little bit. There were rumors that the singer and composer had a falling out. However, the man otkazalsa to comment on the reason for a possible conflict. According to him, now they Donna have normal relations.

The composer hopes that its financial position will become stronger, and the crisis will remain in the past. Fans once again praised hypnotherapy for her desire to help the family.

Longtime friend Alla Boris Krasnov confirmed that the Diva is incredibly big heart. When he was overtaken by a stroke, the singer has done everything to put the other feet.

“When I had a stroke, she hired the best doctors. She always came to visit and support them. When Boris Moiseev was bad, it also happened to be there. Alla is an incredible person, all have such friends,” – said Krasnov.

She Pugacheva prefers not to advertise their good deeds. Star charity, while not attracting the attention of fans. Earlier it was reported that the Diva has partnered with orphanages.

In the program “You wouldn’t believe!”appeared and Valentin Gaft. He confirmed that Pugacheva has always been decent fees, but she is used to share earned with those who are close to her.