Максакова сравнила умершего  отца с Вороненковым The singer was faced with another personal tragedy. Maria Maksakova told me that she misses her father, who recently passed away. She also said that a relative was remarkably similar to her dead husband as a character, and appearance.
Максакова сравнила умершего  отца с Вороненковым

2018 began for Mary Maksakova tragic. From her father, who had a long struggle with illness. The singer hasn’t visited rodstvennika, who was in one of the clinics of Latvia. When he was sonelsa, the artist does not prokomentiroval the incident in the press or on social networks. Fans of the star have suggested that it is difficult for her to talk about it. after all, dad Opera diva always felt closest to the person.

In the program “New Russian senali” she decided to tell you about what was her lummy otter.

“He was a very good man. Always supported me. Dad and I had a wonderful relationship. It is very similar to Denis and character, and externally. Probably only Dennis I could love as much as father,” frankly said the Opera diva.
Максакова сравнила умершего  отца с Вороненковым

In late January, Maria posted a touching video dedicated to his father. She thanked him for all the good he has done for her. According to Maksakova, in recent months, they had virtually no contact with my dad due to the fact that the mother of the stars was against these contacts. The actress did not comment on the cause of death of the father and not explained why she did not visit him in Latvia, when the condition of the men deteriorated rapidly.

But Maria told about how to develop her relationship with her mother Lyudmila Vasilyevna. In the press often appears information about the famous relative not matching any contacts. Opera diva denies similar delusion. According to her, their relationship can be called friendship.

“We regularly communicate, exchange news. Despite all our problems, the phrase that my mom told about the death of Dennis, she is my family man to the end. I am grateful for the upbringing, genetics. for what I’ve become. We have good relations”, – shared his thoughts Maria.

Now the main joy of the artist is her little son Ivan. She often shows fans baby photos in social networks, shares his secrets of success and education. Maksakova said that she pays maximum attention to the development of the crumbs.

According to singer, the boy will not be easy in life, because he will have to grow up without a father. However, Maksakova ready to do everything possible to Ivan was an intelligent and honest member of society. Fans do not get tired to wonder how the baby looks like her dead dad.

Also the star told us about how she spent her new year holidays. According to Maksakova, she spent all the holidays at home with your child. Occasionally star vybirali on a variety of cultural events, and then shared with followers photos and memorable videos. Fans Maksakova hope that a black strip in her life will end soon and star will be able to gain long-awaited happiness.

Earlier it was reported that Mary does not communicate with the children from his marriage to Vladimir Tyurin. According to the singer, she still considers ex-wife guilty in murder Boronenkov. To bring Illya and Ludmilla helps their famous grandmother, Lyudmila Maksakova.