Husband Tats Responsibility forces her to go under the knife

Муж Таты Блюменкранц заставляет ее лечь под нож Party “House-2” wants to see the wife’s new Breasts. Valery blumenkranz sent the wife to a plastic surgeon. A man willing to take care of all during the rehabilitation period Tats.
Муж Таты Блюменкранц заставляет ее лечь под нож

In July last year, a couple of the participants of the reality show “House-2” Valery Blumenkrantz Tats and a daughter Beatrice. The couple are happy to raise the little heiress. Tata Abramson gave birth to a girl

Now, however, a man longs to see some changes in the appearance of his wife. He always dreamed that his lady had big Boobs, and therefore decided to fix her natural gifts and the gift was presented with a certificate for the services of a plastic surgeon. Shortly after all the requisite tests a young mother will go under the surgeon’s knife. Valery supports the Tattoo takes her for advice and will be there during the surgery.

“When I was a teenager, I went crazy with bust. Now this will be my wife! I’m happy,” – admitted Responsibility in a conversation with journalists.

She is a participant of “House-2” is not worried because of the upcoming surgery. She completely trusts her doctor and hopes that you will avoid complications and unpredictable reactions. Nanny understands how many concerns will appear in Valeria during her rehabilitation.

“After the surgery my husband will have to nurse, feed and soothe two babies. But the main thing – the result. After giving birth, I was a little embarrassed of its forms. Although Valerie says that for him, I am the most beautiful and desirable, understand that Breasts need to adjust a bit,” – said a young mother.

Nanny and Valery admit that after the birth of first child of their family relationships have improved markedly. During their affair they had been through a difficult period, however glad that now conflicts and quarrels behind us. The young woman thrilled that a spouse manifests itself as sensitive and caring head of the family. Participant of “House-2” appreciated the support of my husband who is willing to take full responsibility for his daughter while mom is at the hospital.

“After the birth of Betty all the conflicts and misunderstandings disappeared. Now, when the baby is a little older, my wife has the opportunity and the time to do them,” – said the Responsibility in the magazine “the House-2”.