50 Cent опроверг информацию о том, что он биткоиновый миллионер

A month ago it was reported that 50 Cent recently received $ 7.5 million on virtual account. As reported by news portal TMZ, releasing his album Animal Ambition in 2014, the musician has offered to buy its not real money and bitcoins.

Due to the fact that the cryptocurrency had enormous popularity, 50 Cent wasn’t interested in the earned amount. Now — with the growth rate of bitcoin is the amount which 50 Cent allegedly owned, amounted to nearly $ 8 million. Despite the fact that in 2015, the rapper declared himself bankrupt with debts in $ 36 million, this amount would be very helpful. Last month the information the musician confirmed on his page on instagram, but soon deleted the post.

Fans are happy, and the media write about the profits of the singer, that turned out to be wrong. People magazine has got the document, according to which we can understand that 50 Cent has never had bilinovich accounts. This means that the amount of such had not.

“None of the companies is not owned bitcoin since 2014 to the present. A third-party company really Nervous Central LLC operated website, which sold albums and merchandise, including bitcoin. However, the coins are instantly converted into US dollars by another third-party company,” the document says.

It turns out that the musician was having a little fun…after all it was a great PR move. At least the money in the account from Curtis James Jackson there, but he enjoyed plenty of attention. “As long as the story in the press causing irreparable damage to my image or brand, I do not consider it necessary to refute it. This is especially true if the news can benefit from my image or brand, even if the note is based on a misunderstanding of the facts and contains false information. When the press appeared the first information about me in connection with this case, I wrote that “I forgot about bitcoins,” because that really was one of the first artists who adopted this currency. I did not refute the words that became a millionaire because it was good for my image as a result of my best business decisions,” says the musician.