Dana Borisova and Alexander Gudkov made a fortune in the filming of the TV show

Дана Борисова и Александр Гудков разбогатели на съемках телешоу TV presenter and comedian became the heroes of the program “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. Apparently, the area was filled with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. According to Dana Borisova of them with Alexander Gudkov make a great team.

TV presenter Dana Borisova and humorist Alexander Gudkov took part in the filming of the show “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. The stars together and answered tricky questions of the presenter Dmitry Dibrova. Borisov was left in awe from the company Gudkov, whom she finds very funny.

As told to Dana, she and Alexander managed to win a large sum with six zeros. Celebrity flashed his erudition and were able to overcome almost all the issues. That happened on the set, Telebanking chose not to tell the details, wanting to keep the intrigue. When will the release of a TV show, Borisov said. Apparently, it will show in the near future.

“With my new friend Alexander Gudkov won yesterday one and a half million on “Who wants to be a millionaire,” and came right up to three million and the last question. The first time in six shooting days”, wrote Borisov in the microblog.

Fans of This congratulated her and Alexander. Many also asked the presenter how she prefers to spend the money. “Dana, you’re brilliant”, “wow”, “Wow, I look necessarily. Probably, it was very interesting”, “How are you going to share the funds received?”, “Cool, well done”, “Nice and helpful”, “I have never doubted. You’re the best and only the best can win”, “Great”, commented the users of social networks. Answering the questions of followers, Borisov said that according to the rules the prize can be taken only three months after filming.

Earlier in the Network appeared the screenshots of the provocative messages allegedly sent by Dana Borisova. It was alleged that the presenter offers men their services for money. At the disposal of journalists has also been found intimate photos of celebrities, which she was captured in daring poses.

Later, Borisov said that the photos do it, but the correspondence was tampered with by ill-wishers. According to This, due to the unfolding sex scandal turned away from her many friends. Despite the endured ugly thing friends the negative emotions, the star found the strength to come for an interview and to share their own opinions about resonant events. Speaking to reporters, Borisov stressed that he was not going to justify to the public. Celebrity is confident that such actions only prove the guilt of those who are trying to whitewash their reputation.