Became known date of the premiere of “the Bachelor” on TNT

Стала известна дата премьеры нового «Холостяка» на ТНТ Viewers will see the first release of the 6th season, which promises to be one of the most outspoken in the history of the project, at the end of next week. This time the girls have to compete for the location of the artist Yegor creed.
Стала известна дата премьеры нового «Холостяка» на ТНТ

This spring on the channel TNT will start showing the new season of “the Bachelor” Egor Creed. In the heart of the artist will fight 25 girls. Some time ago in the Internet appeared the video of the continuation of the popular project in which viewers saw Daria Klucina trying to Woo the stars of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov, and now has become known and premiere date of the show.

As told to “StarHit” in a press-service of the TV channel, viewers will see the first issue of the sixth season March 11, 20.00 – live on TNT.

It is known that Egor Krid different from the other bachelors. Popular artist, whose life watching millions of fans long pondered over whether to agree to it to participate in the show. The team of “the Bachelor” chose the main character from a large number of starry suitors. Egor managed to subdue the producers of his seriousness and wisdom inherent in the Mature man.

Стала известна дата премьеры нового «Холостяка» на ТНТ

According to creed, the shooting of the project he hopes to meet soulmate. The artist hopes that the show will allow him to look differently at the relationship. In addition, in a short time and under the gun cameras of a human can easily verify the sincerity.

Стала известна дата премьеры нового «Холостяка» на ТНТ“Frankly, I don’t believe in love at first sight and in recent years has become quite stale and ceased to believe the girls, because the majority only sees me as a popular person. In relationship I first of all important to the girl was a friend you can trust. I think in the show “the Bachelor” is easier to know a person in such circumstances, the faster you can understand, all for the sake of PR or for something real. Don’t know what awaits me. And why I’m here. But viewers will certainly see the wrong Yegor creed, the way in which the media paint”, – said the artist.

Girls who dream to conquer Yegor creed, waiting for communication with his friends, check on the sincerity and charm Dating. Learn about how did one of the beauties to become beloved stars, the audience will learn very soon – at the end of next week.

For the filming of “the Bachelor” the Creed had to suspend his stormy musical activities. Rumors that Egor might be the new groom in the TV show, went for a long period of time. However, in the 5th season of girls has made location of Elijah Glinnikov, and previously the hero of the show was Alex Vorobyov. Star of TV series “Interns” has stopped the choice on Ekaterina Nikulina, while as a musician, actor and Director chose to remain alone. At the time the decision Vorobyov made a lot of noise.